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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch with a host?


For the best experience:

The first time

  1. In Chrome, go to
  2. Click on a show.
  3. Follow the prompts to install our Chrome extension.

When the extension install completes, the show will start playing with the host you selected.

What if the show is on a service where I need to sign in?

No big deal. Sign in with your subscription and Scener will reload the page to the show you were trying to watch.

What if I don’t have an account for one of those services?

You'll need to subscribe. Netflix and Hulu offer free trials, check it out. You can also go back to and check out what Sceners are hosting from YouTube. You can filter to just YouTube: go to, in the header click Browse, then under Filter choose YouTube.

How do I host a show?


For the best experience:

If you want to record video, wear headphones to separate your voice from the show audio.

  1. Go to a supported content provider (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube) and watch your chosen show. Note: Scener does not support YouTube Live or Hulu Live TV at this time.
  2. On Netflix and Hulu: If the sidebar isn't open, move the cursor to show the controls. Click the Scener tab on the upper-right. It looks like this:Scener tab
    On YouTube: Look for "Host with Scener" just below the video and click it.
  3. Log In. Buttons to Log In or Join are at the bottom of the sidebar.
  4. Click Host this Show.
  5. The first time you do this, Chrome will ask permission to use your webcam and your microphone. Allow. (If you don't have a webcam, that's okay. You can still use text and images.)

You should see the video viewfinder and recording controls in the upper-right corner of the show. Have fun! Scener saves automatically as you go.

Recording Controls

Recording video: Click Video to start recording. Click again to pause. You can leave it on and record continuously, or you can pause when you don’t have anything to say. Scener automatically shows and hides your recordings in sync with the show timeline. You can also automatically pause the show while you keep talking. SHIFT+click to pause the show, click Play in the viewfinder to start the show up again.

Add text: Click Text comment icon and type something. The show will pause automatically while you write. Click Save when you’re done.

Add images: Click Add media icon, then click Upload Image to browse for an image to add. The show will pause automatically while you pick out and save your image.

Scener saves automatically as you go, so you can record in multiple sessions if you want. Your work stays private until you decide to publish it. No one can see it but you. You can find every show you've hosted, even the Private ones, on your profile page.

Want to get fancy? Scener works fine with external webcams, microphones, and third party effects software for green screens. Just click the gear icon on the viewfinder to choose them for recording. You can also learn how to upload video.

When you're done

When you're ready for other folks to see you host, click Publish in the sidebar and follow the prompts.

How do I review and edit my hosting?

To review your work, rewind the show and your hosting will play over it.

For any changes you make, choose wisely - at this time there is no Undo.

To overwrite: If video is already present, you can record over it and replace it. The viewfinder will say Overwriting if you are replacing older video.

To delete: Any text or image can be deleted. Click the Trash can on the upper-right corner.

To cut: For any long video, or if you recorded continuously through the show, you can cut out sections you don’t want to keep. Click Cut. Now you can grab the sliders on the timeline to select a section you want to remove. You can play your selection back before you click Delete.

Any tips for making my video hosting better?

Plan your end point. Services will often skip over the end credits of a show to start playing the next episode. There are a few ways to get around this: warn your audience to keep watching; use SHIFT+click to automatically pause the show while you get your thoughts out; or just wrap up before the credits roll. While you're recording, turn off the content provider's "auto-advance" setting.

Light your face. Make sure that you have a light source that is in front of you rather than only behind you. You can dramatically improve your appearance on camera with as little as a sunlit window and a desk lamp. Check out Wikipedia on three-point lighting for some ideas.

Clean up your sound. To avoid any audio echoes or feedback from the show, be sure to wear headphones (ones that cover your ears are best) OR mute the show and turn on subtitles. Record in a place that’s free of background noise and has more soft surfaces than hard surfaces; hard surfaces (like kitchen counters) reflect sounds. Try using an external microphone or headset instead of your computer’s internal microphone.

How do I upload pro video?

If you already have a video recording and editing workflow that you like, or existing video commentary that you would love to match up with the actual show, we've got you covered.

The video will be synced with the beginning of the show at 00:00.



  1. Go to a supported content provider as if you were going to record in your browser.
  2. In the sidebar, click Host this Show.
  3. Click Add media icon by the viewfinder.
  4. In the Add Media dialog, click Video.
  5. Follow the steps. If you are using pauses, separate each timestamp with a comma.

You will get a confirmation email when the import completes. Then you can review and edit.

Can I use my Patreon?

If you have a Patreon, you can add it to your profile, and you are welcome to promote it when you host.

To edit your profile:

  1. On, make sure you're logged in. On the upper-right, click the Down arrow beside your userpic.
  2. Click Edit Profile.
  3. Where it stays Patreon Link, paste the address for your Patreon page.
  4. Click Save Profile.

Your profile page will now have a Become a Patron button.

Getting Sceners to your profile

Can I do Patron Only hosting?

Sure. You can host a show and publish it as Invite Only, then share that link in your Patrons Only post on Patreon. Anyone with an Invite Only link can watch.

What about community moderation like block or report?

First of all, hosting does get reviewed by Scener staff (after the host clicks Publish in the sidebar and selects Public). We want you to feel confident about the quality of the hosts in the sidebar if you browse to your favorite show and pick a host.

But nothing and no one is perfect.

Reporting Hosts

If you're watching a show and the host says something inappropriate, or there are unmarked spoilers or explicit content, you can report them.

  1. Look for the Options menu on the sidebar - it's the three dots on the upper-right. Click it.
  2. Click Report Host and fill out the form.
  3. Our staff will review the issue.

Blocking Sceners

If you don't want to see or interact with another Scener, you can block them. When you are logged in, you won't see them anywhere.

  1. Click the offending Scener's userpic to open their profile.
  2. Under their name, click the three dots.
  3. Click Block @their-username

You can also Block directly from Discussion in the sidebar.

  1. Click the offending Scener's comment.
  2. Click Block @their-username
  3. If you're really really sure, click Block.

Does Scener work with password managers?

Because Scener adds functionality to websites that aren't part of, password managers and Chrome autofill can get confused when you're watching a show.

For this reason, we disable Chrome autofill for Scener login forms from the toolbar and sidebar.

Password managers are able to save multiple logins for any site. For each content provider, add your Scener username and password as an alternate login.

What are the detailed system requirements?

Supported Operating Systems

Supported Browsers

Google Chrome, version 66.0.3359 or later

How do I get support or report a technical issue?

If something is broken for you, we definitely want to know.

You can report a technical issue from three places.

  1. In the Chrome toolbar, right-click the Scener extension icon. OR In the Scener sidebar, click the three dots on the upper-right to open the Options menu. OR In the Scener toolbar, click the three dots on the right to open the menu.
  2. Click Report Technical Issue.
  3. Fill out the form. Tell us what you were doing when things went wrong, and what happened. Any details you can give us really help!

If you include your email, we may contact you with follow-up questions. We can't promise, but we'll try to let you know when we fix your problem.

What if I have an idea or something nice to say?

That's excellent! Look for the star on the lower-right, click it and tell us.

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