About us

We’re on a mission to make streaming shows more social, whimsical, and fun.

Scener Team

We’re a fast-growing team of innovators excited about the intersection of entertainment and technology. We’re as passionate about shows and movies as we are about bringing people together to enjoy them.

You can find our HQ in the heart of downtown Seattle. We’d love to show you what we’re working on and discuss how we’re going to make movie nights more fun for everyone. Reach out!

Daniel Strickland, CEO
Daniel Strickland
Co-founder & CEO
Joe Braidwood, COO
Joe Braidwood
Co-founder & COO
Karen Baker, Head of Design
Karen Baker
Head of Design
John Anderson, Lead Engineer
John Anderson
Lead Engineer
Dan Montgomery, Senior Engineer
Dan Montgomery
Senior Engineer
Jared Cunningham
Jared Cunningham
Marketing & Community
Tika Appaiah
Tika Appaiah
Experience Designer
Ari Adusumilli
Ari Adusumilli
Engineering Intern

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